April Travels

The colonists built wonders!

Camel busses are tight.

The old senate features a new dictator! (me).

Neighborhood watch committees gossip. Creepy.

From the lighthouse you get a great city scape

Their national education administration building is impressively un-gaudy.

Los Papines are the greatest.

Afro-cuban street muralist speaks

Better than the boxing we were looking for. It is Ping Pong!

Large pop band pre-Los Papines

This ubiquitous sign indicates the neighborhood watch spy

A secondary school we visited.

This was the semi-finals in which the home town "industriales" lost.

This band's rehearsal was a whailin'

A car in a church on Regla

Great life.in old Havana

More typical streets

The view from our private house

I lecture Lennon about the need for worldwide Ringo parks

Tropical beach paradise band with huge thumb piano player on left

One of several synagogues

The tobacco farm

Underground river filled caverns

Friendly folks at farm community fruit stand and their coconut choppin block

What a picturesque valley

Here is how locals must picturesquely get their water

Che inspires a commrade

Chevy lane is in my ears and in my eyes