Homework there are 8 presidents.  JFK - Clinton Please do 3 - three line summaries of sections they’re in (put the page number).  Do a small drawing of each.

Pg 1076 LIST OF PRESIDENTS  Make a poster with name, party, years president and 5 lines of overall impression about them.


Modern Presidents


Make a timeline.  Put the name, year and Dem or Rep infront of each.  Then put the famous quote.


FDR 1933-1945,  Harry Truman 1945-53, Ike Eisenhower, 1953-61


The following look is a look at how we got from the 1950s to now. 

For once, there will be an emphasis on presidents. 

You will be required to know the what generally happened in history. 

This will happen via matching and true false questions.

My goal in this section is to give you the collective memories that other people now living have.

We’ll see some things over and over.  You should ask if the order of things aren’t clear to you.


JFK - Democrat 61-63

JFK VIDEO from Nixon debate on.

He was only in power for 3 1/2 years.  His wife’s name was Jackie “0”

He was a catholic. 

He was a big cold warrior.  He did the Cuban missle crisis and the “bay of pigs”


Was he killed by Lee Harvey Oswald?


Another thing that Kennedy does is say we’re going to get a man on the moon.

warren commission


--------Kennedy is known for being shot.  His most famous quote was “Ask not what your can do for you , ask what you can do for your country”.  He was a Democrat.   



Alliance for progress, assassination, berlin crisis, Bayof Pigs, Peace Corps, Space exploration, Civil Rights, Moon exploration.

5 lines each.

Johnson - Democrat 1963-69

Johnson carried on a lot of Kennedy’s ideas.  Things Kennedy couldn’t get passed while alive, he got passed while dead.

LBJ is loved by democrats because of his great society and voting rights act.

He is also known for being destroyed by Vietnam.


pg 847 Has all of his acts.


His biggest problem is that you can’t pay for a war on poverty and a war at the same time. 


Show LBJ video from decision to go into the war (just before Lincoln voting rights act signing) to stokely charmicael.


--------Johnson is known for the great society.  His most famous quote is “I shall not seek.  And I will not accept the nomination of my party for another term as your president.”  He was a Democrat. 



Nixon - Republican 1969-74

Good stuff

Nixon is the one that finally got us out of (lost) vietnam.  He also recognized China.  He did the clean air act and the EPA.  He was an active president.


Bad stuff - watergate

But he was also a little paranoid.


the committee to reelect the president busted into daniel ellsbergs psychiatrist office.  Daniel ellsberg had let go of the pentagon papers.  Nixon wanted to discredit him.  Nixon’s team also broke into the democaratic national Committee (DNC) headquarters office. 


The thing that finally brought nixon down was the appearance of the Watergate Tapes

At a point, the government asked hiim for the tapes.  He sked the attorney general to fire the special prosecuter.  The attorney general refused and nixon fired him.  He found another who also refused, he fired him.  Finally robert bork agreed to fire him, but his replacement wanted the tapes, so they fired him. This was called the Saturday night massacre. 


At this point his vp resigned and he was found to have paid no taxes and said “ the people have the right to know whether or not their president is a crook.  Well, I am not a crook.”


Finally the supreme court told him to hand over the tapes.  When he did 18 minutes were erased.


The house committee voted to impeached.  But not kicked out, yet.

The Senate was now going to kick him out, so he resigned.


EFFECT of Watergate”

Radical cynicism towards government.


--------Nixon is most know for watergate.  His most famous quote was “I am not a crook”.  He was a Republican.  He got us out of Vietnam.


Checkers speech, china visit, Salt one treaty, environment


Ford - Republican 1974-7

---------Ford is most know for pardoning Nixon.  His most famous quote is “I pardon Nixon”.  He was a Republican.


Book pardon of Richard Nixon.  Appointed vice president


He also pardoned Vietnam draft dodgers.  He was a healing president.


Carter 1977-81

--------Carter is known for Good intentions. He was a Democrat.  He couldn’t get the hostages back from Iran.  Under him we had an energy crisis started by OPEC.


When at a part of a video that deals with Sadat and Begin making peace, talk about his peace efforts and habitat for humanity.  He has no scandal. 


Reagan 1981-89

---------Reagan is mostly known as the last cold warrior .  His most famous lines were “I can’t recall.” and “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”.   He took us to war against Nicaragua, grenada and El Salvador.   He was a Republican.


These wars in central America spurred incredible immigration.  In 1976 only 11% of california was hispanic, only 15% of texas was hispanic.  The biggest minority group was blacks at about 13% (country wide).



Carter is really a nice guy.  He is sincere and wants to talk about the problems of America.   He has town hall meetings where he asks ordinary americans to tell him what is wrong with america. He expresses that we must acknowledge them and work on them as a nation.


Reagan says forget about that.  Reagan says don’t talk about problems.  Remember who you are America. You are the #1 Superpower in the world.  You are the leader of the free world.   You are big great and glorious. 


He tells the Iranians that if he gets elected he’s gonna dust their butts.  He’s a tough guy.  Reagan was a movie actor that played tough guys in the movies.  Well in this real life role he said “Boys, there’s a new sherrif in town.”  We’re a superpower.  YOu don’t mess with us you heathen scum.


On the day of his inaguration, the hostages are released.


Reagan also talks tough to the Soviet Union.  He calls the Soviet Union “the Evil Empire”  He jokes “the bombing will begin in 5 minutes!”


He goes to the Berlin Wall and says “Mr. Gorbechev, Tear this wall Down!!”

It comes down under Reagan.


Show the fall of the Berlin Wall video

He is tough on communsism in Central America.  He fights the communist government of Nicaragua by setting up a terrorist group to harrass them.  The congress tells him that he can’t fund terrists, he does it illegally.  He Backs the murderous government of El Salvador as they kill communists.  He invades Grenada when it looks like their going commie.  He stops communism.


One unintended consequence of this is that under Reagan we have the beginning of a huge influx of Latinos into this country. WHen there is war people run and they run to the best place, and that is America.


Its like when we go to war with Vietnam we get the worlds biggest vietnamese population outside of Vietnam in LA.



Some of this is 100% true and proven.  Some of it is 80%.  Some of it 70%.

I’ll try to alert you to how much is known of what.


First, the october suprise is 70%

Second, he used illegal arms from Iran to fund the contras.  That is one hundred percent, but he said he didn’t know about it during the trial.  He said famously, I cant recall hundreds of times.  Others admit to it and shred evidence and say they’d do it again to fight communism.


100% true.  SOme of the planes that went to the US to buy arms with the iranian profits went to the US with drugs in them.  Cocaine.  Reagans underlings said they knew nothing of that.  Reagan couldn’t recall anything.  So its only 70% reagan knew and 85% Oliver North knew.


We do know that under reagan there was a huge crack epidemic.  Cocaine importation tripled.  Whether that is 20% or 90% from the contra thing we don’t know.  Also, when we went to war against vietnam we had a heroin outbreak.  When we went to war against central america we got cocain. It seems weapons get funded with drugs.



Legally or however reagan knocked out communism.

He did it buy spending on weapons and spending on weapons.

If we each have a guy and I pull out another for my other hand and you match it and I pull out a grenade you must match it.  Reagan pulls out a canon and then flies a bomber over and then Star Wars and then ....

The soviets can’t keep up and collapse.


There are two effects of Reagans spending bings.

1) The country gets rich under reagan

2) Deficits and debts


REagan is loved and idolized by republicans to this day.  He is imitated by democrats.


During his time communism fell and our country got really rich.  It was happy daze under reagan.  He probably could have won a third term.  But that is illegal.


So people elected his VP




George Bush 1989-93

--------Bush’s most famous quote was “Read my lips, no new taxes”.  He was a Republican.  He took us to war against Iraq and Somalia.


Clinton 1993-2001

--------Clinton’s most famous quote is “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.  He took us to war with Serbia.

Play Jennifer’s spin video