Talk then write three answers


            Talk and then write three answers


MY opinion

You must kick butt on life!!

Don’t make excuses.

None of you have messed up so bad that you cannot recover.

What do you think the expression “Youth is wasted on the young?”


Get in the faces!  Are you going to get an A?  Why not?



We can do a concept map about the native Americans.  Put native Americans inthe center?


Take a tribe.  Write about 5 of the things that we have up here.  Get in a group.  You are going to make a power point presentation together.  Each person will be responsible for one portion of the power point.  The power point.  Each power point section should have one slide with at least Two facts on each related to the title. 


Intro 2 man

Imagine that we are talking from 100,000 bc till 10,000 bc. This is 97% of human history.

Somewhat like the bible, where the first person is a murderer., we killed neandrathals 30,000 years ago.


Man all came from a trbe about 100,000 years ago that had around 100,000 people.


There have been three major modes of survival ways for humans.  They are tribal, agrigultural and industrial.



People lived in groups called Tribes.


Gathering means gather food Hunting means hunt food

What percentage of mans time on earth was G and H?

Explain what hunting and gathering means. Into men (G) and women (H)


We are now trying to do something that has never happened in the history of the world (WHAT ARE THE THREE epochs of man?)   Men and women are trying to be the same.


But do men and women have differences?

Go into pods and list 5.


Divide the board and do a group thing.


Can we be different?  Can we escape our old tribal.  Man is the warrior, woman is the care giver ways?  Do we want to?


Would it be better if women led?


There is always competition between groups.  Would we get our butts kicked by a culture with real men?


   Economics- food-

The tribe controls the way your body works. 

Tell of the story of Thai land


What are some things that you would never eat?

That is eaten somewhere.

What would your tribe eat and how?


-tribe religion-

For 97% of human history, things have been 1st Spirit and 2nd Solid.

Religion is universal.

What is the central organizer of the society?


Animism:  All things have a soul


Since all things have souls, or contain hidden gods, the objects of worship are numberless. Here we must look at the gods in the ceiling and the chalk god that deliveredt he chalk to us.  


Their customs would be to control the animism.  All acts would be to help a good spirit or hurt a bad one.


Talk of deja vu, ghosts and dreams that are premonistion.


Totem:  Animal spirit that is special to you or your tribe

That animal would give you power and guide you.


Magic involved making deal s with the deceased or caught animal. 


The Toronto blue jays or the Eagles or the Michigan wolverines, the  atlanta falcons

This was probably due to the need for protection from such animals.  As fields were cleared, animals became less frightening and the gods went from animals to humans.


How would their totem help them?

They must also write on how the wind, bird, tree and water gods helped/hurt them on any particular day. 


Play the begining of the mask


Shaman is the priest / leader.  The chief does the political and the shaman does the religion.

Shaman does the totem for the tribe.


He uses magic for the purposes of curing the sick (when the women can’t first do so), divining the hidden and controlling events and a belief in an unseen world of demons, gods and ancestoral spirits responsive only to shamans.



The job of education is to socialization: the process by which a society prepares you for that society.


They must write 10 lines on what society needs its citizens to know to survive today.


Schools teach us what we need to know to survive in our society. What is that in this /their society?


Not for mental agility, but for courage and character. 


Usually this was done through an Initiation: A month long training


As a youth both men and women were with the mothers. 


The primitive father put his trust in character, as the modern education has put its in intellect.  Initiation rites were to test courage, not knowledge.


The cultural values, tribal religion, myths, philosophy history , rituals and other knowledge are taught.  After they are full members of their tribes.


At ten they take you away .  Nigerians make a house at 9 to move in to. Usually at puberty one was a full fledged adult. What would you need to know to survive in a gathering and hunting society?


Usually you get some permanent marking that showed you were part of the tribe.


When you come back you are a man

You’d go off to find your totem.


In Omaha tribes this education would end at 12.  Boys would know allthey need to know .


Even tribal societies would die a sudden death without education.


We spend much more time in schools than they do.



The value of life

Now I’m going to tell you something really sad.




Are elders considered great to have around?

What does an honorable person do?

Where food is scarce life is valuable?


This varies from place to place. 

But for the most part elders, 40+ are considered a nuisance.  They are often left behind with a ritual.  There is the indian saying “this looks like a good day to die”. 

But prior to such a state there is respect for and authority for the elder.  Whose opinion is valued, as they are the person with the most experience.

 infanticide, abandonment is a means of population control. 


Birth Control

In the immune system, those that attach and help kill get lots of food.  Those that don’t die.


Common theme:  When food is rare, life is cheap

In really poor countries people don’t name their kids until they are five.