The transition happens slowly from tribal to BEAS


Agriculture: planting


Tribes 100,000 to 10,000bc,  Agriculture 10,000 to 1800 bc

It is discovered by women

Big Early Agricultural State BEAS


Divide the board

Draw the many dot diagram of the agricultural state.  Describe the parts



Barbarians jobs are to raid trade or herd


The barbarian big goal is to kill the King.



 Raiders either STAY or GO

They sweep away the dead wood and keep countries strong and on their toes.

They are like vaccines.  These antigens. 

The barbarians that sacked Rome were called the vandals. 

The chinese put up the wall of china to stop the barbarian mongols.

Aztecs were barbarians that decided to stay.



FUN!!!  Agriculture is boring!!!!  Who would be ag in our society?  Who would be barbarians?


What’s better? Rob a liquor store or go to school?


Morons who spray paint.  Illiterate pigs.  They learn to read and write and then crap all over the school.


Divide the board.  What is better?  What is wrong with or right with each side.


Who are the barbarians, and who are the army people, who is the king? Men


Who are the army and barbarians? Young Men


They must write an Essay on whether they would rather be  barbarians or Agriculture.

The BEAS exists on  LAND


The security of the state is in the mind.

Four scenarios (two spelled out and two they guess)



Draw the triangle model


90% of the people.  Mud farmers.  Their minds are very important. Why?


The way that you got a job in these barrios was by birth.

One question a farmer wouldn’t understand is “What do you want to be when you grow up?”


How do you get to become a peasant mud farmer?  Birth.



What is the one thing that a BEAS needs?  Land.

Army controls the land

What kind of people are in the army? Young men.

How do you get into the army?  By birth.



We’ve discussed these artisans. 

One thing we didn’t discuss is that these folks were considered very low.



All societies have religion.  Tribal until very recently.


Part of the reason that artisans were considered so low was that they worked in this world.  Priests almost never work in any religion.  They serve no function that is economic.


The priests lived in their own part of town, inhabited more spacious buildings than their fellow citizens.  None of the 200 priestly quarters in Catal Huyuk showed they did any work (cooking even).    They admired themselves in obsidian mirrors. 


Priests control the mind


They do this by providing a weltanschauung: a worldview.  These binding worldviews go back to tribalism when all was very tight and the priest told you what to wear to stop all the sprits from harming you and controlled nature for you.


The peasant mudfarmer is very superstitious and will believe almost anything.


To control the mind priests use religon and science. 

Most early priesthoods have a calandar.  They use this to tell the people when to plant, when solar eclipses are going to happen.


Goddess of the serpent snake.

On all their wanderings their chieftain priests carried a little idol of a terrible god “Huitzilopochtli” who drove his “chosen people” relentlessly to their violent destiny.


Here is his story,


            As they felt, after conquering, that their god wasn’t getting his due, they set out to destroy the other’s history.  They then elevated their god to the sun god. 

            Their myth stipulated that in the begining there had lived a Goddess of the Serpent skirt.  She was the mother of 400 gods.  One day while sweeping in her temple, a ball of fine feathers dropped down upon her.  She gathered them and placed them within her bosom., close to her abdomen.  After she had finished sweeping , she wanted to take out the ball of feathers but it was gone. She immediately became aware that she was with child. 


When her children saw that their mother was with child, they became suspicious and attempted to kill her.  The young god, whose name was Huitzilopochtli, still in his mother’s womb, tried to calm her.  right before the birth, the 400 gods resolved to kill her. 


At the moment she was attacked by them the child was born in warrior garb and defended his mother.  This was the triumph of the sun which lights the day over the stars.  He chops the siblings heads off just as the mission of the aztecs was to conquor the people south of them.


            As the 400 gods were sacrificed to make the sun god powerful, the real sun and universe required energy from blood to exist.  This miraculous substance keeps humans alive and gods too. 

            Another theme of their religion was each age through which humanity passed ended in widespread destruction.  To stave this off the sun must be kept alive and well and shining.  For that the Sun must be fed the only food fit for divine consumption: human blood. 


            Those who were sacrificed lived in paradise after deathy.  


            They launched wars called “florid wars” toget victims.  All those that died in these wars, and all women that died in childbirth, became attendants to the god.


            The aztecs quickly gained a reputation for cruelty and treachery and were unwelcome wherever they went. 


The apex of their  imperial triumph came in the year 1487 when the great temple pyramid to their god was suitably dedicated by the sacrifice of 20,000 prisoners of war. 


This temple was tended to by an organized body of religious professionals with a specialized functions.   They belonged to the imperial temple and had knowledge of medicine astronomy, calender writing, history, literature and philosophy and government and miliary strategy.


They went up the stairs, had their chests ripped open , their hearts taken out and were thrown into flames. 


They stayed in power through one more king who maxed out at 12,000 sacrifice victims in one ceremony. 


They were hated, but their downfall was that Moctezuma was a slave to his astrologers, who found grave portents in the stars, in comets in whispers of birds.  The empire fill to an army of 600.



  Quetzalcoatl came to stand for peace and wisdom.  Firtility gods.One of the most highly revered of their deities, especially among the commoner peeasants, was Tonatzin “our Mother” whose temple was on the hill and became the virgin of guadalupe.  There were also moon and corn and rain and wind etc gods.


The gods spoke through the priests , who know their secrets; and the people held the priests in awesome regard.



He controls the land and the mind via the army and the priests,

This is until very recently. Ex japans sun emporer.

He is very powerful.  He can have heads chopped off and temples built.


He is very rich.


Social Elements of BEAS




In agricultural times the social unit of survival is the family


In agriculture the tribe is replace by the family.

BEAS Family is rooted in Agriculture


            The education was done by the familiesThe more warlike, the more wives.

But as agriculture became more complex and brought larger rewards, the stronger sex took more and more of it into its own hands. 


advance from the hoe to the plough and the need for animals put a premium upon physical strenghth. 


Wife must produce a son and be pure

What changed ?  Individual marriage came through the desire of the male to have cheap slaves, and to avoid bequeathing his property to other men’s children.  The rise of property brings monogomy and polygamy.  In farming, children were economic assets and men invested in wives in order to draqw children from them.  Today the man has less and marries late if he’s smart.  Not then.


The education is done by the schools

They write 5 fill in the blank and 5 true false questions.  And write one short answer question