These are my history notes!  They are a throwback to the good old days when I would only lecture.

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97% of our time on earth has been in tribes.

Agriculture follows tribal life

The beautiful Puritans created our country.

Three Founding Fathers and their roots.

Ours is the first real Constitution in the world.

The French Revolution is fun to study!

The Mexican - American War will soon assume more importance in our curriculum.

640,000 people died in our Civil War.

What is and isn't imperialism? Was America imperialist?

Click here to understand communism better

Most of our rights come from Progressivism, not the consitution.

THese explain World War One!!

The 1920s roared!

Why and what of the depression notes.

Ahhh World Two.

The 1950s were the greatest and worst of times.

The heroic Civil Rights Movement was a real revolution.

A little 1960s theory.

And for good measure, a few Modern Presidents.

How we define ourselves internationally and personally depends on your view of the future of civilizations.