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My NYU transcripts shows my earned doctorate

Here is my administrative credential.

Here is my original teaching credential.

Here is my 2014 teaching credential renewal

This UCLA transcript shows which courses earned me my Masters degree and administrative credential.

Here is my 2012 TESOL certificate

Since these, I've only taken Spanish.

My Pasadena City College courses were mostly taken for fun!

Here is the next page of fun transcripts to come from my experience there.

At Glendale Community College I stayed in a math course and a physiological psychology course.

I went to Occidental College to fulfill credentialling requirements.

My Mexican language school didn't have transcripts, but the Costa Rican did.

My final SJSU transcipt has only a computer course.

This is the SJSU transcript with the teaching credential courses.

With this transcript I got my

My SJSU career started with this transcript.

These Santa Monica College courses were taken right before going to SJSU!

My Santa Monica College A.A. degree is shown here.

And these are my first SMC transcripts.

And finally, here are my cbest scores!