Doctoral programs,

I am writing to recommend Mr. John Press as a doctorate student.  I had had the privilege of working with Mr. Press for eight years at Eagle Rock High School where he served in various capacities.   During that time I was impressed by the quality job he exhibited when performing all of his duties.

As a teacher, Mr. Press showed dedication, patience, and tremendous skill in managing overcrowded classrooms of ninth to twelfth grade students.  He controlled even the challenging youngsters, enticing them to follow class rules and strive for increased achievement.  On stage in his classroom, Mr. Press captures the attention of his audience with motivational insights into “real life”, along with his dramatic flair for lecturing.  His talks are so interesting, in fact, that I have often found time in my schedule to visit his classroom to be entertained and learn from his marvelous technique.  Furthermore, Mr. Press has incorporated a tremendous amount of group work and interactive teaching strategies, involving students of different learning styles through collaborative assignments.  At the same time, Mr. Press emphasizes study skills, proving guidance on how to meaning fully participate in discussions and direct instruction on how to take notes.  Truly, Mr. Press’ students learn much more than just the curriculum in his classes; they learn skills and concepts which will serve them well in higher education.

Besides being a teacher, Mr. Press spent three years as our teachers’ union representative.  In this capacity, he was a leader for our staff, inspiring his colleagues to act for the betterment of education, students, and teaching as a profession.   He worked amicably with the principals to prevent disputes between the administration and our certificated staff.   In a fairly unpopular position, Mr. Press made a difference at our school with compassion and without fear. 

In addition Mr. Press took on a part time position as our school’s dean of discipline.  In this role, he showed that he could be strict with students while being meticulous in following District Guidelines and procedures.  Mr. Press was able to manage his time well between teaching and being dean, serving our numerous students and attending to multiple staff concerns.  Meanwhile, he has an ability to treat each child as an individual who merits his time and effort.

In closing, Mr. Press has a multitude of talents which he has exhibited at our school.  I am confident that he will do well blending all of these skills into probing the needs of schools from an academic perspective.  I respect him greatly, and wish him the best in his future accomplishments.





            Mr. Eric Jacobson