Dec, 2 2005

To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to have this opportunity to write this letter of recommendation for John Press.  John was a teacher in our Social Studies department for eight years and did fine work.  He had excellent rapport with students and I watched him grow and hone his skills during his time at Eagle Rock High School.  John served as the Chapter Chairperson for the teachers’ union at our school.  He demonstrated the rare ability to represent the certificated staff at the same time keeping a working relationship with the administration; a challenging job during a labor action.  He speaks well in front of large groups and is able to run large meetings with confidence, competence and a sense of humor.

John was instrumental in a successful accreditation visit, resulting in a full six-year term.  John served on the Leadership team, chairing the focus group for Assessment and Accountability.  He also co-chaired the School Leadership Council with the Principal.  This council is responsible for major operational decisions at the school and requires cooperation and consensus from parents, students, and teachers.  John developed managerial skills in brokering difficult issues.  He also helped write a CSRD grant, which helped the school to complete its standards-based reform and support student achievement.

John is a thinker.  He loves to study and go to school.  He loves to talk about ideas.  He is open to new ideas and opinions and listens carefully.  Most importantly he has developed the ability to make excellent administrative judgment calls at school sites.  This is a most critical dimension for someone who wants to write and think about schools at an academic level.






            Mrs. Dustin

            Administrative Coordinator

            School Management Services