Nov 1, 2005

Dearest doctorate programs,

I had the pleasure of working with John Press for five years.  Before he became the UTLA Chapter Chairperson, he had distinguished himself by becoming the Speech and Debate Team advisor.  Since becoming Chapter Chair, I have had many occasions to see his diligence, leadership, competence and judgment.  He takes on roles with a sense of direction and is active and assertive in achieving them.  That is why I can state with confidence that he will be an outstanding doctoral candidate.

Mr. Press was a leader on our campus. He was the co-chair of our School Leadership Council (SLC) and has facilitated meetings involving all the stakeholders in a friendly and organized manner.  He was a member of the School Based Management plan writing team and made an excellent presentation of this plan to the staff.  When asked to lead one of the focus groups for our WASC Accreditation after one of the chairs left midstream, he took on the task and did a great job.  He was a member of the Strategic Planning Committee, lead teacher on the Discipline Committee and is able to communicate his sometimes divergent points of view without being detrimental to processes.  He often provides the springboard for important conversation.

Mr. Press is cooperative and an enforcer of the democratic process. As the UTLA Chapter Chairperson he made sure that the union contract was followed, but was never overbearing.  He put out surveys, held elections and gave accurate information when requested.  When called upon, he was very supportive of staff members who request assistance.  He is fair, professional and has an engaging sense of humor.  He was a consistently positive presence in our leadership circle and I enjoyed working with him.

I predict that as a doctoral candidate he will shine.  His diligence and leadership will make you proud of what he will do and eventually become.  I recommend him highly and without hesitation.



            Christine Zardeneta

            Principal, LeConte Middle School


            (323) 461-4741