Philosophy (repeat from earlier in the course)

Philosophy:  Love of wisdom.

Psychology: Logic of the psyche


Both are greek:

The greeks were surrounded by Non-thinking agricultural folk.

Their thoughts came from their leaders.

Their jobs came from their parents.


The love of wisdom concerning many things: Politics, religion, education, fellow man, literature. etc.


 Life meaning

We study this because it determines your life plan (hopefully)

If you decide that money is really important you’ll go into business.  If you see life as a dog - eat - dog battle, you won’t trust others.  There will be competition between you and others.  What you think is valuable determines what you do.


Socrates said “An unexamined life is not worth living” 

In your groups make a time keeper, reporter, note taker and facilitator.

Thinking requires timing.  That way you are really focused.


Digress: who was socrates

Digress: willingness to ask


PMI THIS!  List two Positive things, Two minuses and two interesting ideas.


What do you think of the idea that everyone should be required to write a two page meaning of life letter every two years?



There are several important harvests.  Not everything must end in “the solution”.

Perhaps a point has become more clear? 

Perhaps some idea has been identified as a blocking idea? 

Perhaps there is an actual suggestion. 

Perhaps some alternatives have been spelled out.

Perhaps we have more questions.


MEANINGS OF LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                Pleasure: Frued

Drugs and sex. If it feels good do it.

The greatest jobs in the world are drug dealer and pornographic film star.


Freud Id, ego, super ego.

Those who object to sex in public are jealous. 


Sub text What you think below the surface.

                 Play a scene from a movie.  The actress has to think what is my motivation in this scene?

                What are peoples subtexts in line at the cafeteria.


In my generation it was the Velvet Underground.  What songs present this point of view?


Other people’s views

OPV:  Girls should be allowed to wear what they want at school.

First: identify who the other people are.  Next, what will be their concerns.

Don’t just investigate to shoot them down.


Should pornography be legal for all?

What are HVs?  What are LVs?


Reflective journal #1



Josiah Royce


Loyalty to loyalty

I hope today’s lecture changes your life for ever.


Loyalty: willing devotion to a cause. , the best thing you can dedicate your life to. 

Not to something small, but something big.  Not your sister or family (though this is good training).


This could also be science or art or religion.

And we tend to think of loyalty as a warlike virtue.  Think of loyalty to universal peace.

And, Loyalty to loyalty, this cannot be destructive of someone else’s loyalty. 

In choosing you should think of (not just your own) but the ultimate good of man kind.

Oppose no man, just their blindness.




You start out small (Ms. Beyer’s ecology club)  perhaps that isn’t so efficacious then you move on and up.

Tell of the sea sheppards.

Do people make a living fighting for these things?  Yes.  Why not you?

                Tell of Jennifer Butterfly

                -------------------Is there any thing you’d die for?


The four benefits of loyalty.

                1 - meaning

Without a cause, you sleep through life, your life has no effect.  You consult society to see what you can do.  Better would be that you guide society.


People that have individualistic outlooks are not getting what it means to be ethical.  Are ethics important? Yes.  Why

Faithlessness can never be a virtue.  Disloyalty is moral suicide.

The Freudian doesn’t have ethics.  Some may argue that there are the ethics of pleasure, but I think that they fail to see that ethics requires you act towards others.

This can make you a conscious and unified person.  Your cause is your conscience.


This meaning (end to which we work)

can guide our behvior, (control of impulses and discipline to life)  thought, learning.


2 – greatness

Power always comes through social efficacy.

Think of the bravery folks with a cause have shown. 

I got up at five in the morning to work.  That is dedication to a cause, that of ed reform.  And can I brag about that?  Yes!  I get power through dedication.


Tell of Peter Lumsdaine.  He will brag about his actions through the rest of his life.


There is no shame in telling about how there are heroes in the world.  George Washington.  And why are they heroes?  Dedication to big causes.


Train yourself to think about heroes.  What makes them heroes.  If you cannot love your enemy, at least you can admire their dedication.

3 - immortality

Think of the bravery folks with a cause have shown.  In my History class under progressivism we saw a woman throw herself in front of a horse and die for the right to vote.  She lives on.


He who should lose the world and gain his soul is rich. 

Tell of Golda Meir and missing the sympohony.  Now she won’t do anything that isn’t for the bigger cause.  She has become great!!


4 – community

Relation to greater organizations.  Try to make it larger.  Not just to one sect, but dedicate your work to all of America or the world.


We get a great deal of training on focusing on our individual success in schools. 

There is a greater community.  A society within which you live.  It is not just a fiction or a metaphor.


Part of the sickness of our time is that we see our government and our communities as so far away from our control and contact.

We are now cynical we don’t see our institutions as good.  We don’t do the 4th of july and memorial day with reverence and dedication. Thanksgiving day is even corrupted.


This is so important in this age where the family is breaking away.

To have a familial common cause feeling with so many folks. 


Loyalty is, in a way, life long service to our mutual human ties.


A further, glorified definition of loyalty:  “Loyalty is the will to manifest, so far aas is possible, the Eternal, that is , the conscious and superhuman unity of life, in the form of acts of an individual.”



The president recently proposed 15 billion of our dollars to fight aids in africa.

How responsible are we for others?

Others of a different country?  Family?

Reflective journal #2



The previous talk was all crap.  Do you believe that you can stop starvation?  The more you feed africans, the more they have babies, the more they starve.   Do you not realize that the world is going to end?  That either global warming or nuclear war will destroy us? 


This is the year 6btb.

What is the morality of having children?  They are also going to die.  Don’t you know there is an overpopulation problem?  Man is like a disease.


The world will not wake up, become aware and stop polluting.  SUVs are bigger and people who can barely read are having babies.


Did any of you watch the all-star game?  Half the world is starving and the other half watches freaks put balls in hooops.  This of course is interrupted by beer ads.Telling you to destroy your mind and escape your painful existence.


We’re all going to die and your life means nothing.  You spend your life trying to accumulate crap and then die.



                2 responses to life as tragedy


                Depressed people are smarter.

                Kurt Cobain

                Millions do it every year.  All this talk of meaning is just useless crap.  What will you become?  Dirt, food, pig crap.  If you’re lucky.  Probably the whole meaningless shit house will just blow up.

                Even if we don’t, blow ourselves up.  In a billion years our sun will go out.



What if we reduced the world population down to 2 million?

What do we know ( Information that is in)  What do we need to know?

What if we payed people 40,000 dollars to get fixed after one kid?


Doestoevsy Final

Just like we back off of Freud saying that pleasure doesn’t mean you must do porno, we back off of Doestoevsky. 

The end all is just that life has no meaning. 


The universe is vast.  There are a 100 billion galaxies.  Lonely stars.  In the quite night.  Not that you might not like life.  But don’t lie.  It is a tale of sound and fury sung by an idiot signifying nothing. 


Shakespeare “Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”


Look at your parents.  They are right.  There ain’t nothin goin on but the rent.  There is no meaning of life.  You can say, “yeah I save the world”  but when you get right down to it.  That is a lie.  You don’t save the world.  You are hopeless and all of life is hopeless. 


Shakespeare says

No one here gets out alive. 


Macbeth says

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day

To the last syllable of recorded time,

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death.  Out, out, brief candle!

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more.  It is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.


                Wealth - Ayn Rand - Objectivism

Bad press attacks-


“The exclusive worship of the bitch-goddess Success is our national disease.”

   -William James


Many people do this.  This is done to get stuff.  You want 16 cars? 

Babes.  Mansions. 


Well first of all, People who don’t think this is important have never worked at a McDonalds. 

But what kind of people tell you money isn’t important?

Immigrants working 50 hours a week to support their famillies in poverty?


Secondly, this is not what ayn Rand will argue for.  Not a crass materialism.  But an ethic of accomplishment.



All animals must survive.


Rand says lower species have SENSATION.  Higher have CONSCIOUSNESS.


 And all have programs built in to show them how.  Man does not.  Man must pursue a rational plan.  He must also figure out that plan.  The knowledge of what to do is not automatic.


The values of what are good and bad are automatic in an animal.  For man they are not.

Man’s consciousness is volitional.  He must survive by reason and choice.


Some people do a little instinctive thing to survive.  They are not fully conscious.  People that choose their path are really human and really conscious.

If you live by imitating, someone had to have made a conscious choice to make that pattern.  You are a mental parasite. 

Some men try to steal by brute force.  This is trying to use the method of animals.   Since it is not productive, it is not sustainable. 

Only by conscious rational thought does man survive.


If you follow this then there is no clash between what you should do and what you do.

To not be selfish and value yourself first is immoral.


Relation to reality

Pride is the natural outcome of success.  And admiration for others.

Man did not lift himself out of the cave by good feelings about himself.

Pride is a good thing (despite what christians may say)

Confidence, not doubt is health.  Self reliance, not self-distrust is mans virtue.  Self esteem , not fear.


The root of selfishness is a trust in your own judgement.  Your own effective control of the world.


Pleasure is the reward for successful action.

Pain is the feeling that you are helpless.


People do get pleasure from unhealthy things.  This reflects poor self-esteem and feelings that he cannot understand the universe.


Self - esteem comes from a mind fully commited to reason.  Reason is what gives us survival.

This is your ability to use reason effectively in the real world.

Your ability to make decisions and be proud of the results.


This is necessary, natural and proper.


“rich people can’t get into heaven”  Blessed are the poor.

So money is the root of all evil?”  Have you ever asked what is the root of money?  Money is the tool of exchange which can’t exist unless there are goods produced and man abot to produce them.

 Religions will tell you that humility is the way.  It is not the way. Once you break with reality you are insane.  The truth is that you are a human that can survive by reason on this planet.

Money rewards your work.

We stand in the greatest, most productive civilization ever.  And its life blood is money. 


Throughout history men of arms and no worth have ruled.  They have confiscated the rewards of others. 

Now money  rules and that is MORAL!!


Money is the material shape of the principle  that those who wish to deal with one another must deal by trade and give value for value.  Those who hate money have nothing to offer.


Wealth is the expression of man’s capacity to think.


Worship of money is the worship of man and his effort and his mind.  It allows no religious claims to value.  It is the value of man.


Money shows us that you must work for your own interest.  And if you are a good person you will be rewarded.  And even if you’re a honest hardworking person, you should be proud of the money you make.  You should know it reflects your work, worth, and value.


The making of money is your life.  If you say that money is evil, your life is evil.  It is not.  You are not. You make the money you deserve.



Virtue is productive work. 

 A virtuous man never seeks to gain value that is unearned.

He takes credit for the value he’s made and responsibility if he hasn’t.


You don’t feel guilty for what you haven’t earned (not giving)

You must live for your own sake.  You are your own end.

Productive work calls upon all of man’s highest attributes: creativity, ambitiousness, self-assertiveness, fight, dedication to reshape the world according to his beliefs.

If you follow this then there is no clash between what you should do and what you do.



Justice is getting paid what you earned.  Not getting pay for what you didn’t earn, or are entitled to.

Spiritual pay  includes admiration, love,  respect and friendship.  But the praise you get also for creating something of worth is money.

This says,  you create value.


The only moral system is free laissez faire capitalism.

Only here are we all treated as independent equals whose potential and dignity are respected.


You have rights talk. I have a right to money and sustainance. There is a radical disconnect between what is and this dream land. 


Where does that money come from?  It comes from others.  IT is NOT okay to use others as your means and to take from them. 


It is not okay to take from others and use them as end.   It is degrading to the person that is supposedly being helped.  They are treated as non-rationale actors.


Communism and welfare are equally evil.  They are delusional mystical thinking.  This is the thinking that you are owed something.  That stuff can come to you from nowhere. 


If you don’t approach the world this way you end up with mysticism.  This tells you that you should be rewarded for nothing. You create and be proud of it.


You have self-esteem talks.  You should feel good about yourself, but why?


Money is the ultimate in morality.  It demands that you recognize that men must work for their own benefit.

The glory of mankind is creating this country that is dedicated to money and no higher power.


Not fortunes by conquest, but fortunes by work.


Money used to be looted.  People fought over a static amount. 

Now people “make money”  this is an American idea.  It is the proud idea that wealth has to be made. 

Until and unless you discover that money is the root of all good, you ask for your own destruction.  When money ceases to be the tool by which men deal withone another, then men become the tools of men.  Better to have money be the tool of man.



 We get technology from great people.  The parasite lives off of theis the creator creates.

The man who attempts to live for others is a dependent .  He is a parasite in motive and makes parasites of those he serves. 

The relationship produces nothing but mutual corruption.  You canot share your spirit or your body with another.

The wish to work for others is slavery. If physical slavery is gross, how much more spiritual.The conquered slave has the dignity of having fought.

 The man who enslaves himself voluntarily in the name of love is the basest of creatures.  He degrades the dignity of man and he degrades the concept of love.  This is the gross concept of love.

Don’t be concerned with disease but with life.


altruism means a sacrifice to someone else.  The idea that you should help others.

That you are good to the extent that you sacrifice for the other, and bad to the extent that you don’t.

But altruism is insulting to you and to the man you help.  Both are seen as weak.


Under the philosophy of LOYALTY, you feel moral to the extent that you make yourself unfit to live. 

To the extent that you sacrifice yourself.


An individualist lives for himself.  He is a creator. 

All greats have stood against the men of their times.  Every great invention was denounced.

The first motor foolish.  The airplane imossible.  The power loom was considered vicious.  But men of unborrowed vision went ahead. 


Everything good has been created by selfish people.  People driven by their own vision.



Is the common understanding of selfishness good or bad?

What does this imply?  It is better to think of others.


How does man succeed? Where does wealth come from?  How did we get out of the caves?


To think just of yourself is called immoral in this country.

Selfishness is a birthright!  If you don’t look out for number one who will?


This is natural.  any morality that makes you feel otherwise is messed up.  It makes you think there is something wrong with you.  That there is a clash between your desires and the world.

What you value and what you should value (YOU!) are the same thing.


You should always feel proud of your accomplishments and never feel guilty for what someone else doesn’t have.


Under the philosophy of LOYALTY, you feel moral to the extent that you make yourself unfit to live.  To the extent that you sacrifice yourself.


Objectivist ethics holds that the actor must always be the beneficiary of his action and that a man must act for his own rational self-interest.


Rational self-interest.  Not the morality of whims.

To not be selfish and value yourself first is immoral.



The highest soul:

A hallmark of self-esteem is profound pleasure in the productive work of ones mind.  His increase in knowledge, thinking and achievement.


Lower soul:

They regard work, not as a creative expression of their power and imagination, but as a necessary evil.

Their pleasure comes from not being conscious.  They feel that the universe is incomprehensible and out of their control.



For the rational parties are a celebration of control over reality.

A rational man enjoys a party as an emotional reward in which he meets new interesting, successful people.


Losers hate and resent all that are sucessful and party is a place where they can exxcape the terror of being alone.

For the neurotic, it is a desire to escape reality.


These are relaxation.   An escape into boredom.



Pride is the natural outcome of success.  And admiration for others.

Pride is a good thing (despite what christians may say)

The celebrations of this mutual respect is love.


is attracted to a falling apart, weak scatter brain that allows him to feel masculine it shows his character.

If he is attracted to sluts that make him feel better about not having any morals it is another type.


If a man is attracted to a heroine, a successful woman he shows one kind of soul.

If a man is attracted to a woman that is there to make him feel good about himself he is attracted to another.

sex has a different meaning for those that have self-esteem built on efficacy.  Those that celebrate eachother.

There is a different meaning for those who seek escape from despair or loneliness.


Paradoxically, it is the pleasure chasers, who live for nothing but fleeting pleasures, who want to have a “good time”, who cannot enjoy pleasure as an end in itself.  It is there to compensate for some lack for them.


Drugs are taken by those who  want to go through the motions of celebration , without a reason to celebrate.


Since the function of pleasure is to celbrate our sucess, the unsuccessful neurotically seeks pleasure.



To sacrifice ones time and money for your wife is not a sacrifice.  She is important to you.  You and she are valuables to eachother.

TO sacrifice yourself, hypothetically, so that 10 strange women may live.  That IS a sacrifice.

You should judge the situation by your gain. To not value yourelf is insane.


You should only jump in to save a drowning man if the risk to you is minimal.  Only a lack of self-esteem could cause you to value your life less than that of a random stranger.


If a man’s wife was drowning and he could swim and he panicked and didn’t jump in he isn’t selfish.

He failed to fight for what he believed in and loved and valued. Remember ones value is is what one fights to keep and that one’s own happiness has to be achieved by one’s own effort. 


Since one’s own happiness is the moral purpose of one’s life, the man who fails to achieve it because of his own default, his failure to fight, is morally guilty.


The value that makes you not jump in for strangers is integrity.  A loyalty to one’s own values


What do you grant to strangers then?  The generalized respect and good will one should grant to a human being in the name of the potential value he represents - until and unless he forfeits it. 

The man, as living’ is of potential value to him.


Out of species solidarity and representing their potential you might help them in a n emergency.

This is not during normal conditions.  It is when a man is temporarily in jeapordy due to the laws of nature. 


Those who normally use such examples, view man as out of control.


You don’t sacrifice your lives to others.  You value them,, but that’s it.



The right to be left alone and not subordinated to societies schemes is the only moral right.

The right to life: self-sustaining and self-generating action. TO not be kept from doing this is basic. 

The right to take all actions necessary to the furtherance, fulfilment and enjoyment of your life (life liberty and happiness). 

This is positive freedom.  The right to be left to your voluntary uncoerced action.

The right to property supports the prior.  But this is a right to action.  Not to have property.


Man is man.  A living being.  This is the basis for his rights.

Rights are conditions of existence required for his survival.


Governement was instituted to protect such rights.  Thus they are the servant, not the ruler.

The bill of rights is against the government.


The conflict was with altruism.  That viewed man as a sacrificial lamb.


Democrats say you have a right to an education, housing, good job etc.  AT WHOSE EXPENSE?


If someone is entitled to them then someone is required to furnish them at no expense.  THis is slave labor!  You can not have a right that obligates me to work for you for free.


Collective rights

There is no such thing as collective rights.  Rights are only of the individual. 

It is no more legitimate to say what ever the group decides to do is right (majoroity rule) than whatever I decide to do on  a whim is right.



We should get rid of welfare?

Debate. Then ADI listing.

Agreement, Disagreement and Irrelevance.

Where are you in agreement?  Disagreement?


                Relationship - Carol Gilligan


Women have a different virtue than men. 

This is due to their childbirth, pregnancy and raising children.

Their emphasis is on the physical and emotional maintenance of others.

This ethic is in someway superior to the male ethic.



Men dominate everything. 

Men have dominated the world in war, politics, capitalist economy ,philosophy and women!!! The “rape” of the planet is due to men’s management.  Men’s management cannot see the planet as something we’re in a relationship with.  Men must dominate.

Men’s domination of women, have made women more cooperative., less aggressive, more gentile and more nurturing.

The way in which women have survived is by offering themselves up as objects of prey.



Two 11 year old children need medicine for their dying mother, they have no money.

When asked whether they should steal money or not, the female suggests explaining to the pharmacist what their problem is. (Carol Gilligan 1982)

Women emphasize relationships.  They think differently.

You have elaborate philosophies and plans.  In the end it only matters who you love.  It only matters if you care for others.

Not even doing things for strangers, but doing things for your lved ones.  You want meaning?  Help your mother with the dishes.  you will have made her life a little easier.  You will have appreciated her existences.  You will have communed with her in this moment of existence.



Relationships values have been devalued due to men’s colonialization of the world.

The home , family and domestic virtues and emotional care are UNPAID!!!

That’s because its seen as a backdrop to the more IMPORTANT work of men.

Note the lack of male elementary school teachers.  That’s cause its not seen as important enough.

In the end only kIndness matters.

Women vote more democratic.  They vote for caretaking for the old.  Childcare programs, maternity leave and environmental protection.  Let loose the woman.



The reason men work so hard and destroy the planet in the process, is fear of love and rejection.

The reason men must dominate the world and their women, is insecurity.

When push comes to shove men are afraid of love.

Its time to work less hard on changing the world and more on healing our relationships.

Men tell their boys not to be sissies because of this.  Men don’t cry.  This is to drive them into the super ego.



Once you start saying that women think in limited relational ways, and not grandiose abstract rules, you possibly justify women not voting.

They are too weak to run a country cause they’d never go to war.  Think of their children dying.

They were definetely to take a supportive role in Hitler’s “fatherland”.


APC exercise

Alternative Possiblities Choices


First what do we assume about friends.

What if a friend lies to you about their relationships?


What are alternatives possiblities and choices?


What are the good/bad things about friends? 




In groups of 4, write three reasons for and three reasons against each of the meanings of life.

Try to divide the room into even groups for each of the meanings.


They must write a three paragraph essay for this intro middle conclusion.

They will turn this in with the  12 questions. 


They can make presentations that show why their way of life is the best.

Some meanings must have more than one group.


They are to make one statement that expalins their meaning to life.  3 statements in favor of Their point of view.


They must then answer questions about it.

For this they must anwer what they think will be the most obvious questions against this.


They should present it on Friday.