Friedrich Nietzsche1844-1900


Nietzsche had a huge moustache!  He sees himself as a superman!  He is the Marlyn Manson of philsophy of all young men.  He hates everything you hold dear.  If he upsets you good.  Are you too weak to fight back?  Scared?


A real philosopher must be in contradiction to the age in which he lives.  They are the bad conscience of their age.  They take a knife to the breasts of the very virtues of their age.


They have contempt for the multitude with their duties and virtues.  


He often says things to upset you, just to upset you.  The title of his last book : The Anti-Christ still shocks.

He often writes in aphorisms: short quips.


”Write for a chosen few, not believers in equality.  That which serves the higher class of men for nourishment or refreshment, must be almost poison to an entirely different and lower order of human beings.  Books for the general reader are always ill- smelling books, the odor of paltry people clings to them.  Wher the populace eat and drink, and even where they reverence, it is accustomed to stink.  One should not go into churches if one wishes to breathe pure air.”


But, he is a serious philosopher.  His background is as a philologist: studier of classics, language and etymology.

He is also often blamed (with Hegel) for WWII and WWI


Willl to power

Utilitarians want happiness.  But people do things that won’t make them happy all the time.  War!  Internal struggles!  Hard work!  A motive that explains more is the will to power. 


“Man does not seek happiness, only the Englishman does!”

Why did socrates write of hate for the body?  He was ugly.  He was lower class so he created a world where he was more noble than anyone.


This is animal going way back.


Not, “I think, therefore I am”.  But, I will therefore I think

Thinking only relates passions and desires.


“in every act of the will there is a ruling thought  .... the will is not only a complex of sensation and thinking, but it is above all an emotion, and in fact the emotion of comand.  That which is termed “freedom of the  will” is essentially the emotion of supremacy in respect to him who must obey:  “I am free, ‘he’ must obey”


Thinking only relates passions and desires.

Instead of cause and effect, use will and effect.  That may be the ultimate base.  Before logic was will.



His first book is “the birth of tragedy” In it he analyzes the subconscious.  He says mans motives are not what they seem.


He anticipates Freud in that people’s concious motives aren’t what their real ones are.  Freud said he had to stop reading Nietzsche so he’d have some thoughts left to think himself.


Behind the animal rights activists is a hate of their fellow man.

We learn philsophies and knowledge to better others.

In it he analyszes Socrates.  He says Socrates is ugly and low class.  That’s why he creates this better world.  He hates this one. 

We have much in philosophy that are excuses for a will to dominate (Kant). Truth is a weapon we use. 


Man, a complex inscrutable animal created conscience in order to enjoy his soul as something simple.  The whole of morality is a falsification of virtue by which enjoyment, not painful confusion, when looking at the soul becomes possible.


“We do not place special value on possession of a virtue until we notice its total absence in an enemy”., no one is such a liar as the indignant man.”


The seeker of knowledge compels his spirit to perceive against its own inclination.  In every desire for knowledge there is a drop of cruelty.


The subconscious, the idea that what we think are our motives destabilizes man.  It is so different from the enlightenment.  The enlightenment says that we are going to discover truth and better the world.   Niet. says no your are unaware of the fact that your’re a cruel subjective power hungry person.



“... many a moralist would like to exercise power and creative arbitrariness over mankind; many another , perhapst Kant especially, gives us to understand by his morals that “what is estimable in me, is that I know how to obey - and with you it shall not be otherwise than with me!”  In short, systems of morals are only a sign-language of the emotions.”


The new generation of philosophers are tempters. There is something ticklish in “the truth,” and in the search for the truth; and if aman goes about it too humanely - I wager he finds nothing.


One must renounce the bad taste of wishing to agree with many people.  Good is no longer good when one’s neighbour takes it into his mouth.  And how could there be a “common good”?  The expression contradicts itself.  That which can be  common is always of small value.  Great things are the abysses for the profound.


There are many wicked who are happy  - a species about whom moralists are silent.

Every profound spirit needs a mask; nay, more, around every profound spirit there continually grows a mask.  Totally honest people are growing a mask.


He wants to play with ideas like fire. Don’t get too serious and martyr - like.  No philosopher has carried his point.  Have your masks.


Isolated philosophers become bitter and vengeful. They want to prove they’re right. 

Isolate with arrogance, not bitterness.


He will not.  He will have fun and destroy.


Morality of the herd and Morality of the masters

He worshipped strength.  The german was a barbarian conquering group of supermen killers. There was the morality of the masters and the morality of the herd.  The morality of the hero came from the Romans. 

It meant manhood, courage, enterprise and bravery. 


Morality of the herd was created by the weak to tie down the strong.

Love of security of and peace.  Instead of pride, humility,  instead of sterness, pity. 


The jews created morality to tie down barbarians.  The ten commandments.

The worst was Jesus.  All men are equal, be humble.  This brought democracy and socialism.  People visiting the sick and the weak.  Love is a concept that was invented to keep you down.  To keep you from rising to the highest heigths. 


He wrote a book called anti christ.  This book explains how we should never be weak and humble, but proud and strong.  Especially the germans as they were the most ruthless of barbarians.


The weak sink into christianity because they are not strong enough to be anti-christs.


Not their love of humanity, but the impotence of their love, prevents the Christians of to-day  from burning us.



Be careful of moralists.

The practice of judging and condemning morally is the favorite revenge of the intellectually shallow on those who are less so.  It makes up for them being badly endowed by nature.  It gives them a chance to acquire spirit and become subtle - Malice spritualists.


“The sick are the greatest danger for the healthy; it is not from the strongest that harm comes from the strong, but from the weakest”.


“we wish that some time there may be nothing more to fear!” This is now called progress all over Europe.”


A possible jumpstart of the will would be to shatter the empires into small states, more parlimentary imbecility and getting rid of the obligation of everyone to read his newspaper at breakfast.

The time for petty poitics is past. The next century will bring the struggle for the dominion of the world.

The european philopher has pain at the littleness of “modern man”.  He suffers from the anguish of seeing what could still be made out of man.


Values are upside-down

Church imposed on itself the equation of “unworldliness” with “unsensuousness” and “higher man”  It would make dionysis laugh.


Philosophies can smell dangerously of the “other world”.

Whether it be the indifference and statuesque coldness towards the heated folly of the emotions (stoics) or the no-more-laughing and no more weeping of Spinoza.  or the lowering of the emotions to an innocent mean at which they may be satisfied by Aristotle.


Views equated rich, godlesssensual with wicked, poverty and saint.  The world became negative. This is an inversion of value, a slave insurrection in morality.


The faith of Christianity is painful. Wherever the religious neurosis has appeared on the earth so far, we find it connected with three dangerous prescrips as to regimen: solitude, fasting and sexual abstinence. 

How is the negation of will possible? How is the saint possible? 


The church worked for the preservation of the sick and suffering, therefore, for the deterioration ft he European race.  Greed, envy  even hatred are useful in the process of struggle for power.  If evil didn’t serve a purpose it wouldn’t exist.  Man must become better and more evil.  The test of a man or a group or species is energy capacity and power. 


That which an age considers evil is usually an unseasonable echo of what was formerly considered good - the atavism of an old ideal.


The egoism belongs to the essence of a noble soul.

Meek is considered good, and powerful, evil.

Stronger is more evil and more profound and more beautiful. 

 the emotions of hatred, envy,covetousness,


 always be careful of good people.  They are weak and they stink.

“Be careful that virute and honesty don’t turn you into saint or bore.  Life is too short to bore ourselves.  You would have to believe in eternal life to be so boring.”

“virtue” has been more injured by the tediousness of its advocates than by anthing else.


One ought to learn impatience.  Almost everything we call “higher culture” is based upon the spiritualising and intensifying of cruelty.

“Beggars should be abolished entirely”


WIll to life had to be increased.  All evil peple are serve just as well for the elevation of the human species as the opposite.

Wicked and unfortunate are more favourably situated and have a greater likelihood of success;

“the great epochs of our life come when we gain the courage to rechristian our evil as what is best”.



He writes a parody on the new testament:  “Thus spoke zaranthustra”  It is the story of the ubermensch: the over man, the superman.


“I want to teach men the sense of their existence, which is the superman, the lightening out of the dark cloud, Man”


“God is dead”  He kills God.  Now starts the era of man.

“against boredom even the gods themselves struggle in vain”


This new man will be a passionate lover of life, women and books.  He will revel in his greatness.


Only by seeing such a  man as the goal and reward of our labors can we love life and live upward.  We must have an aim for whose sake we are all dear to one another.  Let us be great or servants of the great.  How great when so many died for Napoleon  singing his name as they fell.



Asceticism and Puritism are almost indispensable means of educating and ennobling a race which seeks to rise above its hereditary basensess and work itself upward to future supremacy.


We recognize base necessities and liimits of man and body and ignore them.


“whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”


To discipline oneself is the highest thing.  To rise above you must only be hard on yourself.  You should have a purpose for which you would do anything but betray a friend.  This is the final stamp of a superman.


“Under peaceful conditions the militant man attacks himself. 


“All things are obeying things. And this heard I secondly: Whatever cannot obey itself is commanded.  Such is the nature of living things.

This however, is the third thing which I heard - Namely that commanding is more difficult than obeying.”


“He who despises himself, nevertheless esteems himself thereby, as a despiser.”

            New morality

 It is just a question of strong and weak wills.  Since we lived as herd, we’ve interiorized big “thou shalts” as conscience. Who has not, at one time or another - sacrificed himself for the sake of his good name?


“good” and “Bad” meant the same as “noble” and “despicable”.  “Good” v. “evil” is of a different origin.

 Moral people are glad that there are standards by which the great are equal to them.


The best thing in man  is strength of will, power and permanence of passion;  without passion one is mere milk incapable of deeds.  Life is loses value when there is nothing heroic in us. We are threatened by a kind of Buddhism.  Real morality would have us visiting the superman not the sick.

The goal of morality is this Superman.


A man who strives after great things looks upon everyone whom he encounters as either a means of advance or a delay and hindrance, or as a temporary resting-place.


The noble soul has reverence for itself.

A nation is a detour of nature to arrive a six or seven great men.-Yes and to get around them.

“It is the business of the very few to be independent; it is a privilege of the strong.”


Don’t serve mankind.  That is herd mentality and weak.  There are only individuals weak and strong.  The goal of evolution is not happiness of the masses but excellence of the type. 

Society is an instrument for the advancement of personal and public power.


“He who strides the tallest mountain laughs at tragedy. “



            Isolation of the superman

The distance and the space around man, grows with the strength of his intellectual vision and insight; his world becomes profounder; new stars, new enigmas, and notions are ever coming into view.


He does all to be “difficultly understood”.  He doesn’t want to be easy.

People must have the same ideas to understand eachother. common things we get.  Rarified are misunderstood. That’s why they’re alone.  They can only communicate via simile.


The great are disappeared intheir work.  Sympathy for the great, not the losers is due.


Just as much as nobleness distinguishes it separates.

A longing for the distance of the soul.  Higher, rare further goes the “self-surmounting man”


Jesus demanded inexorably and frantically to be loved.  He had to invent hell for those who wouldn’t love him.   The great man doesn’t care about love.

A woman who thinks she can make a man happy underestimates the greatness of man.  


When great men have sympathy there is something to it. When losers do it is pathetic. There is and unmanly cult of suffering.



Niet. Believes in an aristocratic society, where the betters rule.


Herd morality comes from parents, teachers, laws, class prejudices or public opinion.


All that puts the individual above the herd is called dangerous.  The elevation of the type of man has been the work of an aristocratic society and so it will always be.  Long scales of gradations of rank and differences and distance.


In bad conscience European leaders try to show they care for the opinion of the mob.

He who tries to seduce good opinion of others then, as a whore woman, should reproach themselves.

Every aristocratic morality is intolerant.  Intolerance is a virtue.


Aristocrats should be modest before their potential.  But they should not be modest in front of the masses.


There is an instinct for rank, which more than anything else is already the sign of a high rank.  Obedience of rank shows the soul feels it is near what is worthy of respect. 

The reverence for the bible has been the best example of discipline and refinement of manners in reference to something better.


The masses are elevated when they know that they are not allowed to touch everything, that there are holy experiences before which they must take off their shoes and keep away the unclean hand.  It is almost their highest advance towards humanity. 


On the The contrary, in the so called “modern ideas” nothing is so repulsive as their lack of shame. The easy insolence of eye and hand with which they touch , tast and finger everything.


A healthy society must have the fundamental belief that society doesn’t exist for its own sake, but as a scaffoding, by means of which a select class of beings may be able to elevate themselves to their higher duties, and in general to a higher existence.


Moral systems must be compelled first of all to bow before the gradations of rank.


The democratic movement is the inheritor of  the christian movment.

With democracy and feminism comes equality economically.  Men are not equal.  Men should posses nothing in common.  Nature hates equality, it loves differentiation.  All life lives by killing other life.


Intuition of class and rank of people and civilizations is important. Civ and rankk should be the posts by which we anchor our identities.


Reverence for traditional ancestors and unfavorable to newcomers is typical in the morality of the powerful.  The modern ideas of progress and the future are disrespectful of heritage and its greatness.


Levelling is a will to the denial of life.

“at the core of the aristocratic races is the beast of pray is not to be mistaken, the magnificent blond beast, avidly rampant for spoil and victory”


Only those races that cannot bear this philosophy are doomed;  Those that regard it as the greatest blessing are destined to be the masters of the world.



Men and women are different and war between them is eternal.  And there is no peace without victory, without one master. 


Women only want men for one thing: Children.    Men want women for one thing: Sex.


But what is woman for man?  A dangerous toy.  Man shall be educated for war, and women for the recreation of the warrior; everything else is folly.


Part of the tension of marriage lies in its fulfillment of the woman and the emptying of the man.  And as soon as the child comes the man is finished.  He must forget the world.  He is hers.  Where the highest philosphical thinking is concerned, all married men are suspect.


The disenchantment of woman is called progress in Europe.

She , instead of a power full cunning flexible tiger claw incomprehensible, enchanting woman seeks to be another lame man of today.


The end of Niet’s life

He goes nuts.