Without responsibility liberty cannot continue.  Please help us find liberties’ mate.


          Statue of Liberty            Statue of  Responsibility



We have a tremendous symbolic imbalance in our country.  Our national icon, the Statue of Liberty, stands alone.  But liberty exercised in the absence of a sense of responsibility can be very destructive. 

You can leave your family.  You can drink every night.  You can waste the opportunity given to you in public schools.  All of these actions conform with the principle of liberty. 

Responsibility requires you to ask some questions:  How will this action affect my family?  How will this action affect my community?  How will this action affect my country?  Asking such questions defines responsibility.  Without responsibility, liberty is a hollow and dangerous ideal. 

Liberty falls short because it doesn’t tell us what we should do.  It only tells us what we can do.  Responsibility tells us what we should do.

The statue of responsibility will go a long ways towards reestablishing this balance between can and should.  Think of how deeply and often the Statue of Liberty is used to move us.  It is impressed in the national ethical fiber. 


            What should the Statue of Responsibility look like?  Should it be a man working?  Having a male figure would balance out Lady Liberty.  Perhaps a child studying next to a clock showing a late hour would be the appropriate symbol.  Depicting a right choice being made would be a good idea. 

            The statue should be large.  I also believe that it should be put on the West coast.  This would indicate that it should be a nationwide ethic.

        How can you help?

            Please submit designs.  Also, contact us if you have expertise in creating non-profit organizations.  Money will be necessary.  We cannot give you a tax credit for donated money until we have non-profit status.  Land donation would also be appreciated.  Any county that donated land will have done a great thing for America and their local economy.  Contact us with your ideas by clicking pressjohn@hotmail.com.

Down the road we could have statues to the other virtues: valor, courage, responsibility, morality etc.